Software for digital cameras

In 2014-2018 I cooperated with XIMEA on software development

The XIMEA company is a manufacturer of digital cameras characterized by high framerates and very compact dimensions. The cameras are suitable for research in biology, medicine, for industrial applications and many others.
In 2014-2018 I worked for XIMEA on the development of XIMEA CamTool software supplied with their cameras.

Software for research in biology

I am the autor of the set of image analysis programs based on information theory for Institute of Complex Systems in Nove Hrady (formerly Institute of Physical Biology).

Scientists in the Institute of Complex Systems in Nove Hrady developed advanced image analysis methods based on information theory and I provide software which supports their methodology and algorithms.
  • Camera Explorer - a modular camera software.
  • Super Scope - a control software for a microscope specialized on z-stack capturing.
  • VerCa "Veritas In Camera" - implementatin of the novel algorithm for colorimetric calibration of digital camera.
  • LIL Convertor - compresses RAW format images using Least Information Loss algorithm (LIL).
  • Image Info Extractor Professional - calculates various syntactic entropy types. The program calculates Point Information Gain (PIG), Point Divergence Gain (PDG), Point Information Gain Entropy (PIE) ajnd Point Information Gain Entropy Density (PIED).
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Diagnosis of malaria

In cooperation with the Lambda company and with the Hospital Na Bulovce I'm developing a specialized software for automated malaria diagnotics.

The project includes the development of a special microscope (Lambda) and a program that analyzes a patient's blood sample and uses so-called deep neural networks to diagnose the presence of the malaria-causing parasite Plasmodium Falciparum. The professional guarantor of the project is Lenka Richterová, Ph.D. (Nemocnice Na Bulovce). The project is still under development.



Petr Machacek, the Image Code founder, is one of the best application programmers I have met in my 55-year career which included being a manager in Bell Laboratories and later co-founding a major corporation in Silicon Valley (Cadence Desing Systems). I invited Petr to co-author book (Serialization and Persistent Objects – Turning Data Structures to Efficient Databases, by Springer Verlag) that is about a new, much better way of designing software. This project required a lot of advanced programming and testing, and two years of intense cooperation proved that I could not have made a better choice – not only for Petr's in-depth knowledge of modern programming languages and environments, but for his utmost honesty and professional conduct in anything he does. I have no doubts that he will be a great partner in any business venture, and any software he will ever produce will be well designed and perfectly executed.

Dr. Jiri Soukup, the Founder and President of Canadian company Code Farms Inc.

Software company ImageCode surpassed our expectations and significantly contributed to several our research projects. The interaction between our researchers and ImageCode lead to improvements of algorithms and data representation we originally proposed. Thanks to this cooperation, we have been able to join research projects with IBM Research Zurich and Vienna Complexity Science Hub. At the time when Petr Machacek, the founder of ImageCode, was still employed with another software company, we sent him for a course on special data handling and storage at Code Farms Inc., Canada. His meeting with Jiri Soukup, one of the most successful Czechs in IT, lead to the cooperation which resulted in joint publication of book „Serialization and Persistent Object – Turning Data Structures into Efficient Databases“ (Springer 2014) – a significant contribution to data handling and software design in general. Petr Machacek is also co-author of several our papers published in international journals. To summarize our experience with ImageCode, I’d like to mention their exceptional business ethics, attention to detail, software quality, and the fast, on term delivery. Without a doubt, they are our best business partner.

Prof. Dalibor Štys, Professor of Applied Physics in Biology,
formerly Minister of Education, Czech Republic
Director, Laboratory of Experimental Complex System,
Institute of Complex Systems, FFPW, University of South Bohemia
Zámek 136, 373 33 Nové Hrady

After working with Image Code on several image-processing projects, I recommend this company to anybody who expects a constructive and helpful cooperation, high-quality delivery, flexibility, and a first class support.

Dipl.Ing. Petr Cisar, Ph.D., the director of Institute of complex systems in Nove Hrady (University of South Bohemia).

About Me

Petr Macháček

I have a master degree in Information Technology from the Czech Technical University, Prague. In past I worked for companies developing an industrial control systems, and a software on image processing in microscopy (NIS Elements).

Together with Dr. Jiri Soukup, the co-founder of Cadence Design Systems, currently the president of Code Farms Inc., Canada, I wrote book Serialization and Persistent Objects: Turning Data Structures into Efficient Databases published in English by Springer Verlag in 2014.